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well dude. having a problem is a good things.
mean you still have your life, mean you still live yourself.
losing yourself or not smiling from your heart mean you have loss faith in yourself.
no pain no life dude.
life is easy, get rid all shit things and get back to the track.
well just breath. that what you should do rite now.
hey dude.look around you, still exist someone who care for you.

nobody know what is in the future.
maybe your life will get even wonderful.
accept the way you are.accept who you are for real.
and parents will be proud with you for that as well.

no need to forget if u can't.
just make it as a lesson for yourself.that even better rite?
everyone hoping for the best and a wonderful life, but it's only a words.
everyone will have harder time.
just like what you facing now.
if someone said future is horrible, than maybe the person have live on it.
do your friends have been to the future?
well ask yourself. future only Allah knew it.

hoping with effort. not just hoping without nothing.
if still the same maybe you should spend your time with Allah.
maybe there is the answer for what you are questioning about.

it is good enough you still can breath till today, till this time.
nothing is better than that rite
you can still make your parents proud with you, you can do something you like,
you still can see the world.
just appreciate everything you have either it hard to face.
 more or less, you will grown up facing other problems next time.